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What is an Adjustment

What is an Adjustment?

The wear and tear of everyday life is hard on your spine. It can become misaligned and cause many health problems. This is because the nervous system runs through your spine and controls every function of your body. Chiropractic adjustments are highly skilled, gentle manipulations of your spine. Adjustments help your nervous system to function properly again which allows your whole body to regain and maintain its good health.

That causes these spinal problems?

These problems are known as subluxations and can initially occur during the birth process. As your body grows and matures, falls, sports activities, accidents, bad posture or simply the stresses and strains of daily life can cause additional spinal problems to occur or can further irritate those that already exist. Left uncorrected, subluxations lead to conditions such as colic in infants, and headaches, back pain and generally poor health in adults.

What is it like to be adjusted?

Patients feel comfortable and relaxed while being adjusted. As the photos suggest, there are many adjustment techniques that your chiropractor may use to best treat your condition.

When should I be adjusted?

If you’re experiencing back pain, headaches or any other pain or health problem, you should see your chiropractor immediately. Once your spinal problems have been corrected with adjustments and exercise, it’s easy to maintain a healthy spine. Having periodic adjustments, even when you’re feeling ok, is the best way to keep your spine in great shape. You might be surprised at how healthy you become, even if you thought you were fine before!

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