ETPS - Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation

A non invasive modality for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic neuromyofacial pain.

ETPS Neuropathic therapy is a hybrid modality used in the treatment of chronic soft tissue pain. In its most basic form, ETPS therapy applies brief, concentrated stimulation to points realting to different therapeutic systems in stages. Patient’s assessments are performed at the end of each stage to determine therapeutic effectiveness. Through a series of systemic and reproducable protocols, the diagnosis/assessent and treatment of the root causes of soft tissue pain can be completed with a high degree of accuracy within minutes.

The theoret runnerical underpinnings of ETPS therapy are based on acupuncture/acupressure, osteopathic stretching, trigger point, neuromuscular ane neuropathic therapies. Its unique contribution to pain relief however comes from the synthesis of different approaches, combining the therapeutic “pearls” of different modalities into simple, easy to use and highly effective seires of protocols.

The secret of ETPS therapy is determining how the patinet’s overall body mechanics and neuropathic/ radiculopathic manifestations can be integrated with acupuncture/ trigger points to produce protocols specific to the patient’s needs. budda

With ETPS protocols, therapists are able to identify which therapeutic stage(s) is/are responsibe for contributing to a patien’s pain condition. Those stages producing positive responses are examined diagnositically to determine interrelatioships with the patine’s condition and integrated into the patient’s future protocols. Ineffective stage are eliminated from future treatments. Because it is effective in determining root causes of pain, ETPS therapy can serve as an invaluable tool to all pain therapists in their efforts to substantiate current treatment and to hasten patient recovery.

ETPS is applied non invasively with concentrated, direct current (DC) stimulation, often producing therapeutic results in minutes! Traditional TENS stimulation with pads are too cumbersome in application and may treat one system at a time. ETPS point stimulation can be used quickly to treat multiple systems at one sitting, thereby creating an opportunity to investigate different therapeutic systems to determine which is/are contributing to the patient’s pain condition. The result is much greater therapeutic versatility and productivity.

“Like traditional acupuncture, ETPS helps notch down pain by promoting the release of pain killing chemicals called endorphins. The no-needle method does have several advantages  —   It’s non-invasive, there’s no skin puncture, no risk of infection. And great for those patients who are afraid of needles. While a traditional acupuncture session might involve inserting needles and leaving them in place for 20 minutes, with ETPS we can treat more points and much faster 5-15 seconds. We can also use ETPS on some points—say the finger tips—that might bleed or be very painful if you used a needle.”