The History

History Speaks For Itself….

Vibration therapy began in 1857 by a Swedish doctor, Gustav Zander. He built 70 different exercise inventions, some of which were a type of Vibration Exercise machine. He started the popular Zander Institutes, an early form of today’s Health Clubs.

By 1895, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, (the developer of Corn Flakes) invented a Whole Body Vibration Machine. This was a unique chair design that shook violently and claimed to cure constipation, headaches and back pain. To stimulate the inner organs, he also developed a standing platform type of Vibration Machine.

In 1960, the beginning Vibration Exercise Techniques began in Eastern Germany, with a technique called Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation. One of Russia’s key sports scientists, Dr. Vladimir Nazarov, a member of the Soviet gymnastics team who occupied a chair for sports biomechanics at the State College in Minsk, first introduced this technology to competitive sports, ballet, and medicine in the former USSR.

Whole-body Vibration Exercise fitness is backed by many years of in-depth scientific research. Vibration Exercise was invented by the Soviet Space Program, and is now used widely for health and fitness. Thirty years ago, Russian scientists found that Astronauts experienced significant loss in bone density and muscle tissue, due to the lack of gravity, during extended amounts of time in space. Russian researchers experimented with Vibrating Exercise technology, and found that by using this equipment, they could not only stop the loss, but even further increase bone density and strengthen muscle tissue.

The Russians were able to set an all time record of more than 420 days in outer space using Whole Body Vibration Exercise technology. Our NASA astronauts, who were training on conventional fitness equipment, were forced to return after just 120 days, due to bone and muscle loss. Later after the fall of Russia, Vibrating Exercise technology was discovered by other countries. Today, NASA fully embraces the Whole Body Vibration Exercise technology with much success.

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