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Mini Circle Adhesive BIO-00001 – Pack of Thirty
Mini Circle Adhesive
Mini Circle Adhesive

The Mini Circle Adhesives mad for the Pads measures 40mm in diameter. To apply the Mini use our special double-sided, hypoallergenic adhesives, any tape found at your local pharmacy, or by applying a piece of Velcro® to the gold side of the magnet or wrapping it with an elastic bandage.

  • 40 mm in diameter each

Reference:BIO-00001 – Pack of Thirty

UPC code:BIO-00001 – Pack of Thirty

Manufactured by:Magnets4Pain® Medical Magnetics

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BIO-00001 – Pack of ThirtyMini Circle Adhesive BIO-00001 – Pack of ThirtyCAD29.99 each

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