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Infinite Health's Magnets4Pain
90 Fincham Ave.,
Ont. L3P 4E1
Tel: 416 499 5656
Fax: 905 201 6811

Infinite Health's Magnets4Pain

Infinite Health's Magnets4PainWhere Does It Hurt?
Magnets4Pain® Medical Magnetics Relieve Pain Fast!
Formally called Bioflex Medical Magnets

They are clinically proven to reduce pain, increase circulation and speed healing. Amazing relief for muscu-loskeletal pain, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries and chronic pain conditions, including:
Tendonitis, Arthritic Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow Rotator Cuff Injuries, Chronic Lower Back Pain , Sprains and Strains Muscular Inflammation Tissue Repair Wound Healing Bed Sores Sleep Problems Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Stress Poor Energy The Facts about Magnets4Pain® Magnetics
Magnet Therapy is a simple, inexpensive, painless and safe therapy and Magnets4Health® Magnets are unsurpassed in their ability to deliver its benefits. This form of therapy is effective for the management of pain and stress as it provides a desirable, non-toxic, non-invasive treatment for stiffness and musculoskeletal aches and pains. Magnets4Health® Magnets may be used over and over again. They never lose their effectiveness and require no change in one’s routine or lifestyle.

Magnets4Pain® Medical Magnets Concentric Circle /Magnets Clinically Proven to Relief Pain Fast!
Magnetic field therapy is a simple, cost effective, painless and safe therapy and Magnets4Pian® Concentric Circle Magnets ...

Magnets4Pain®  Medical MagneticsMagnets4Pain® Medical Magnetics
Magnet Therapy is a simple, inexpensive, painless and safe therapy and Magnets4Pain® Medical Magnets are unsurpassed in their ...

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