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Universal, Head, Neck


Mini Circle Pad

The Mini Circle Pad measures 40mm in diameter. It provides pain relief for any area of your body. The small circular design makes it ideal for applying to the shoulder muscles, the back of the neck and other areas where focused, deep penetration is needed to reduce pain and relieve tension. To apply the Mini use our special double-sided, hypoallergenic adhesives, any tape found at your local pharmacy, or by applying a piece of Velcro® to the gold side of the magnet or wrapping it with an elastic bandage.

BIO-60000 – Pack of Two


Universal Kit

  • Neoprene Universal Kit
  • Contains 4 BIOflex® Medical Magnets
  • Amazing multi-purpose application, can be used on virtually any area of your body
  • Experience the benefits of most of our products all in one
  • BIO-03001 – One Size


Head Band

  • Neoprene Head Band measures 24 ” x 2 ”
  • Contains 2 BIOflex® Medical Magnets
  • Secures around your head with Velcro®
  • Can also be worn around your neck
  • Ideal for headaches, whiplash injuries and relaxation
  • BIO-03005 – One Size


Neck Collar

         Neoprene Neck Collar

  • Contains 7 BIOflex® Medical Magnets evenly placed throughout the length of the collar
  • Measures 30” x 3 ”
  • Two straps to connect collar to bra straps or undershirt to prevent slippage
  • Perfect for neck and shoulder pain
  • BIO-03000 – One Size


Eye Mask

  • Made of soft nylon – a comfort to wear over your eyes
  • Contains 2 BIOflex® Medical Magnets
  • Measures 7 ” x 4”
  • Two elastic straps secure mask to your face
  • Ideal for stress, sinus problems, relaxation and sleep

BIO-03004 – One Size 

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