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Breakthrough Neurosteroidal Treatment For Traumatic Brain Injury

1996 - Adrenal Insufficiency, NEJM - P6

2015 - Impaired pituitary axes after traumatic brain injury

2014 - Hypopituitarism after TBI

2013 - Traumatic brain injury and adrenal insufficiency, morning cortisol and cosyntropin stimulation tests - Iran

2012 - The case of hypopituitarism in traumatic brain injury

8 2009 - Secondary adrenal insufficiency in the acute phase of pediatric brain injury

2015 - Neuroendocrine Disturbances after Brain Damage_ An Important and Often Undiagnosed Disorder


Brain Recovery after a Plane Crash

Growth Hormone and Kynesitherapy

Hypopituitarism Secondary to Head Trauma

Delay in diagnosis of hypopiptuitarism after traumatic head injury - 2005, Neuroendocrinology Letters

GH and TBI - Jesus Devesa

GH replacement in adults - interactions with other pituitary hormones

Neuroendocrine dysfunction in patients recovering from subarachnoid hemorrhage - 2010

Pituitary dysfunction following TBI - clinical perspectives, Tanriverdi 2015

The Rational Use of Pituitary Stimulation Tests, 2010(2)

Growth hormone and brain trauma

RMH Gala Speech - Anakin Fretts story



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