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Scientific literature is being generated at a pace that rivals the speed of light. The Internet makes these articles available but cannot automatically find or read them to us, yet! So, here are some interesting research studies supporting issues of natural growth hormone augmentation by correcting underlying hormone deficiencies.

DHEA reduces the need for high dose GH in GHD.

Peripheral GH-Secretagogue Binding Sites

Introduction to Secretropin   mp3

Lenore's results on Secretropin   mp3

Dr. Mark Gordon MD speaks about the use of secretogogues at the 2013 AMMG Conference.
It's a great 43 minute seminar. Please enjoy and share
103 meg, may take a minute or two to download.

The Secretropin Story
A 30 minute presentation of Secretropin, recently filmed in Las Vegas on February 27, 2009, is now available from DigiVision (click the link below):
Click here to Watch

An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement




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