Sibling DNA Test

When two people are trying to figure out if they share the same father, and the father is not available to provide a DNA sample, DNA Testing Centre can perform a Sibling DNA Test. This test determines whether two individuals share one or both parents.

If your goal is to establish paternity, and the father is not available for testing, we first recommend a Grandparent DNA Test. If the father’s parents aren’t available, the Sibling DNA Test is an indirect way to determine family relationships, including paternity.

There are many potential uses for the Sibling DNA Test.

    • Immigration visa
    • Social Security benefits
    • Personal knowledge

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A sibling test starts with the analysis of known relatives. Examples of testing:

    • Siblings do not share the same mother and they want to find out if they share the same biological father.
    • Siblings share the same mother but are unsure if they share the same biological father.
  • DNA testing requires science and technology to give you the most accurate results. DNA Testing Centre has the most extensive array of genetic markers available to resolve questioned biological relationship including up to 35 ‘autosomal markers’—the technology necessary to provide accurate answers for Sibling DNA Tests. Other labs do not have this extensive set of markers.

Test fees start at just $395 USD ($550 CN)

Please call 1 866 499 5656 to discuss sibling DNA testing. We have been performing sibling DNA testing for over 20 years, and our experts are more than happy to help you understand this testing option.

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