Native American DNA Test

Native American DNA Test

For applicants enrolling in tribal membership

Trusted by tribal leaders for over 20 years

DNA Diagnostics Center is the largest, most experienced private DNA paternity testing company in North America. As an industry leader, we recognize the impact of DNA testing on the Native American community. We have created a special team with a unique phone number reserved for the Native American community to talk DNA Identity testing. 1 866 499 5656

For over 20 years, we have provided the highest quality testing services to our clients. We operate daily on these principles:

    • Recommend testing that fits the tribe’s needs
    • Provide the most accurate testing
    • Give the quickest turnaround time
    • Offer exceptional customer service

DDC the Most Accredited DNA Testing Lab in the World

We provide a variety of DNA testing options to meet your tribe’s different needs. A DNA test can provide valuable information about biological relationships between living tribal members and applicants enrolling for tribal membership. Several Native American tribes currently use our services to establish paternity, provide supporting evidence for enrollment or disenrollment, reunite adopted children with their biological relatives, and claim child support and other benefits. We can provide relationship information—what you do with that information is up to you.

Our services include:

    • Parentage Testing: determining the biological parent, mother or father
    • Family Relationship Testing: establishing the probability of relatedness to a grandparent or sibling.
    • Y Chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA Testing: determining relatedness through a paternal or maternal line (respectively)
  • DNA samples are collected by our trained professionals using a simple cheek swab procedure. DDC has a nationwide network of convenient sample collection sites to serve your tribes. We also offer consultation and complimentary training for the collection of DNA samples, if your tribe chooses this option.

DDC has earned the trust of our clients by delivering outstanding customer service, the best value, and unmatched testing accuracy. As always, our services are strictly confidential. Allow a member of our Native American Support Team to answer your questions and determine how DNA testing can have a positive impact in your community.

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