Maternity Testing

Maternity DNA testing determines the biological mother of a child. It’s much like a DNA paternity test, but compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of the mother. Children inherit half their DNA from their father, and half from their mother. Even if the father is not tested, DNA Testing Centre can prove conclusively whether or not the child’s DNA matches the mother.

Maternity DNA testing is often requested in the following situations:

    • An adoptee is trying to prove his/her biological birth mother
    • Proving a maternal relationship for immigration
    • Confirming accuracy for in-vitro fertilization
    • Resolving controversy that sometimes occurs in hospital nurseries

DDC the Most Accredited DNA Testing Lab in the World

In a Maternity DNA Test, the child and mother are tested—the father is optional, but encouraged to participate. It helps to exclude the half of the child’s DNA from the dad, leaving the other half of the DNA for comparison to the mom. Testing the dad does not increase the cost of the test, and is not mandatory. Maternity DNA tests with the mother and child are accurate.

There are two testing options for Maternity DNA testing: Legal and Non-Legal.

Legal: In this DNA test, we will have you come to our office. The professional collector then compiles all identification, completes paperwork for the test, and finally sends the package to DDC for testing. Legal test results can be submitted to Immigration agencies or courts as legal proof of maternity.

Non-Legal: If you don’t need your results in court, you can choose to collect your DNA at home and send it to us for testing. We often encourage people to consider the legal route, as many clients return for the legal test after the non-legal one, which adds to the cost. But if the non-legal is the best test for you, we offer this option.

Test fees start at just $225 USD

To order a Maternity DNA Test. The DNA test fee starts at $225 USD (300 CN), (fathers collected free of charge). Additional children and/or alleged mothers may be tested, for additional fees.

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