Legal Paternity

Court-Admissible Paternity Testing

Legal paternity test results (court-admissible results) provide strong DNA evidence for court cases, including evidence for divorce (child custody or child support) and immigration (visa applications). As a fully accredited DNA testing laboratory, As representatives of DNA Diagnostics Center, we  provide court-admissible test results every day.

What MakesPaternity Testing Court-Admissible?

Whether you want to use your paternity test results in court or just for your own personal information, the laboratory uses the same high standards in DNA testing and produces exactly the same results. So, what makes the difference? The way the samples are collected.

For court-admissible testing, we arrange DNA sample collection appointments where each person being tested provides a copy of their ID (a driver’s license or recent photo). The collector makes sure each person’s samples are attached to the correct ID, and then sends the samples directly to the lab. This chain-of-custody process both proof of identity and proof of paternity to the court.

Simply call us directly to arrange your collection appointment. For more information on how to get a legal paternity test (court-admissable) call us or email us at

SPECIAL ALERT!!! We are now offering DNA tests comprising of 20 Loci instead of the standard 16 Loci for the same price. The only DNA testing centre that offers this more accurate test.

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