Grandparent Test

Grandparent Test

Confirm a family relationship today

If you are trying to confirm if a person is your grandparent or establish paternity, but the father is not available for testing, a Grandparent DNA Test might be right for you.

Grandparent DNA Test results can be used for the same reason as a paternity test:

    • Social Security benefits
    • Inheritance claims
    • Immigration cases

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In this test, the child’s DNA profile is compared with the DNA profiles of the father’s parents. This is important—the grandparents must be the on the dad’s side of the family (paternal side). Since a child inherits half of his/her DNA from their mother (maternal side) and half from their father, the DNA passed down from the grandparents to the father would be passed to the child.

The child’s mother is encouraged to participate in the testing. Her DNA helps to expedite analysis; motherless grandparent DNA tests take longer to complete because of the extended analysis required.

    • There are occasions where only one grandparent is available. We call this ‘Single Grandparent’ testing, and we can help you if this is the only option! Ask about this option when calling.
  • Grandparent DNA testing is available for Legal establishment of relationships, where DNA Testing Centre provides a legal document that can be used in court.

Please call 1 866 499 5656 to discuss grandparent DNA testing. We have been performing grandparent DNA testing for over 20 years, and our experts are more than happy to help you understand this testing option.

Test fees start at just $290 USD (about $400 CN)

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