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Our DNA Specimen Collection Kit has been provided absolutely FREE of charge for nearly 15 years. We only ask that you pay for shipping when using our online order form to request the free DNA Specimen Collection Kit. NOTE: This DNA collection kit is not a DNA testing kit. The kit is shipped out with the intentions that it will be sent back to us, including payment, and used for any of our DNA Testing Services. Some kits are for only one person (such as the ancestry kits) and others have enough supplies for testing up to 3 people. If additional supplies are necessary please let us know in the comments section of the order form. We are continually working to provide a DNA testing service that is accurate, convenient and affordable. By offering the FREE  DNA Specimen Collection Kit, you just pay for the shipping (used for any of our DNA tests except Ancestry, that is a different procedure),We are providing the flexibility our customers require to answer their complicated questions, conveniently. Once you receive your  DNA Specimen Collection Kit you will simply follow the easy and convenient steps to collect the cheek cell specimens. An order form is also included. Just follow the instructions and send the specimens back to us, with payment, for quick and accurate results. Added Benefits Include: Confidentiality - Your complete privacy is guaranteed Accuracy - Results using DNA testing technology Low Prices - High quality at a competitive price Accredited - AABB and ISO 17025 Accreditation Fast Response - Most DNA test results in only 3-5 days Reliability - DNA specimens are always tested twice Convenience - At-home cheek swab DNA collection kit Ease-of-use - Telephone support is a toll-free call away: 416 499 5656 or 1 866 499 5656 The FREE DNA Specimen Collection Kit can be used for any of our DNA Testing Services. 

SPECIAL ALERT!!! We are now offering DNA tests comprising of 20 Loci instead of the standard 16 Loci for the same price. The only DNA testing centre that offers this more accurate test.

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