Female Lineage

Female Lineage

Discover blood relations through the maternal line

Verify common female relatives and ancestors

The mtDNA comparison DNA test, also known as a maternal lineage test, can confirm your relationship to long-lost relatives and possible ancestors through the maternal/female line. It can also provide additional information for situations where maternity is in question, but the mother is unavailable for a maternity test–although maternity itself can’t be determined, we can determine the child’s relationship to a possible maternal relative.

The testing process is simple— samples are taken using a painless buccal (cheek) swab, and testing is completed in 2–3 weeks. We can either send you a testing kit to collect your DNA samples at home, or if your testing has legal implications, we can use a Chain of Custody collection process where your samples will be collected by a trained professional in a laboratory or clinic near you.

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mtDNA Comparison vs. Ancestry DNA Testing
Unlike ancestry DNA tests, which provide an ancient picture of your family and traces your geographical roots back several thousands of years, the comparison mtDNA test provides scientific confirmation of more recent family relationships—for example, if you have identified a possible relative from genealogy research and want to confirm your relationship. This mtDNA comparative analysis will tell you whether or not your mtDNA sequences are consistent, or not consistent, with the conclusion that you and the possible relative(s) may be related through a common female ancestor.

mtDNA is Maternally Inherited
Both men and women have mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA); however, only women can pass their mtDNA on to their children. In a mitochondrial DNA comparison test, individuals’ mtDNA sequences are compared to see if they share certain regions of the DNA that indicate they come from the same maternal line.

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