Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are the DNA test results?
DNA paternity is very accurate, and will yield results that indicate either a probability of paternity greater than 99% (inclusion) or 0% (exclusion).

Is blood more accurate than cheek cells?
No. Cheek cells collected using the Swab kit yield results with the same accuracy as blood samples do. The DNA is the same; regardless whether it is extracted from cheek cells or blood.

How soon will I have results?
For paternity tests, Identigene will provide a detailed and comprehensive report within 3-5 working days after receiving the specimens.

What if two alleged fathers are related?
It is best to test both alleged fathers, especially if they are related. If only one alleged father is available, then you must select the extended testing service.

What if the alleged father is not available?
Paternity can still be established by testing other known family members to reconstruct the DNA lineage. Aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and grandparents can all be used to reconstruct family relationships.

How old must the child be?
There are no age limitations? The Infinite Health Specimen Collection kit can be used on newborns and upwards.

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