Family Reconstruction

Family Reconstruction

Compare a child’s DNA to potential relatives

Reliable DNA testing on complex cases

Parentage testing when the father is not available can be looked at like a puzzle. At DNA Testing Centre we’ll investigate every avenue that may produce a desired outcome. There may be relatives we can test—and we most likely need to talk to you about your options. “Family Genetic Reconstruction” can sound intimidating, but one of our friendly DNA experts can explain this option on the phone in simple terms.

A Family Genetic Reconstruction is a series of DNA tests conducted to determine biological family relationships. Most often, it’s used to confirm if a child is related to the father’s close relatives. This DNA test is an indirect way to determine family relationships when a potential father is not available for a paternity test. Results of genetic reconstructions can be used to satisfy curiosity, but also may be used as proof in Social Security and other inheritance claims.

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In one popular test, a child’s DNA profile is compared with DNA profiles of at least two of the potential father’s close relatives. A close relative may be a full sibling or a biological parent. Each individual’s DNA profile is unique, but close relatives will share a significant portion of their DNA profiles because of the hereditary nature of DNA.

    • Genetic reconstruction requires complex analytical methods. If only two of the potential father’s close relatives are available to take the test, participation of the child’s mother is required. If the child’s mother is not available, we can only perform the test with the participation of at least three close relatives of the potential father.
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