Assured Results

Test Assured™ Results

We use DNA Diagnostics Center as our lab of choice. TheDNA Diagnostics Center philosophy is simple: FAST, ACCURATE and RELIABLE results. Strict adherence to these principles ensures quality results and confidence for our clients so they can be Test Assured™.


Our laboratory has the capacity to perform more than 20,000 DNA extractions and genotypes per month. DNA Diagnostics Center provides Test Assured™ results within 2 days of sample receipt to their labs. Once the results are completed, the client is notified to the results. Customers can choose to access results over the phone, and/or have a hard copy mailed or emailed.


The DNA Diagnostics Center is a global leader in DNA testing and is one of the most accredited laboratories in the world. DNA Diagnostics Center is committed to providing quality testing, for example:

  • Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with multiple robotic DNA extraction platforms, liquid handling workstations and DNA analyzers.
  • We practice two-time blind testing of samples to ensure reliability for exclusions.
  • We voluntarily participate in proficiency testing programs designed to improve standards and practices among laboratories and businesses.
  • We employ system controls as well as checks and balances to provide reliable and accurate DNA extraction, analysis and test results.
  • These processes ensure superior quality for our customers so they can Test Assured™


Experienced Ph.D and M.S. genetic scientists make up our distinguished DNA Diagnostics Center Team. With over 30 green belts and an esteemed black belt in Lean Six Sigma, our team has a passion for efficiency and accuracy. These knowledge experts consist of seasoned professionals whose leadership impacts the global DNA testing industry delivering assurance to each customer of Test Assured™ results and exceptional service. Dedication to excellence is their guiding principle.

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