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Below is an overview of the services and solutions Infinite Health provides. At Infinite Health, we have been serving Scarborough and Markham area since 1981 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the chiropractic and health industry.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at 416 499 5656, our toll free number is 1 866 499 5656
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Hands on treatment of removing vertebral subluxations. Correcting and removing nerve interference to allow the body to heal itself naturally
Fee: $50.00 for an Initial Examination & Consultation, $50.00 for a treatment and Subsequent visit.
Less for Seniors and Children.
Please download, print and fill out our Intake Questionnaire to speed up your visit to our office.
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CRA - Contact Release Analysis
Contact Reflex Analysis is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the body's structural, physical, and nutritional needs.
A deficiency in any of these areas could cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health problems. CRA is not a method of diagnosis. It is a means by which a health professional uses the body’s reflexes to accurately determine the source of a health problem.
Fee: $ 100.00 per hour

Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation
This is a hybrid modality used in the treatment of chronic tissue pain. The use of a direct current (DC) stimulation at specific acupuncture points results in healing without the insertion of needles.
Fee: $50.00.

Nutritional Questionnaires
We have a number of nutritional questionnaires that you can print out, fill out and mail or fax to us.
We also have price lists and order forms to purchase
 Biotics Research products. They are sold only to doctors. They are pharmaceutical grade, very pure, guaranteed no junk, fillers or heavy metal. Offered to you at very affordable prices.

Custom Shoes and Orthotics
We have been selling shoes since 1969. We have over a thousand styles of shoes, running shoes, pumps, sandals, boots, golf shoes, etc., that you can chose from. Custom shoes that can fit the most difficult feet, and custom foot orthotics to go in them. Children, dress, sport, and diabetic orthotics are only a few of choices you have.

DNA Testing
We at Infinite Health are a collection site for Identigene. Identigene is a business unit of Sorenson Genomics, a world class DNA testing laboratory. Identigene has been providing DNA parentage testing, extended family analysis, and ethnic origin assessment services since 1997. As experts in DNA parentage testing, they has expanded it's services to include applications such as siblingship, grand-parentage, cousin, Y chromosome and mtDNA analysis.

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