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Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Enzyme Diet, Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss, and Personal Health.


Secretropin® is a non-peptide, secretagogue that has clinically been found to increase the production and release of Growth Hormone (as measured by IGF-1 and IGFBP-3) by a dual pathway; suppression of Somatostatin and the direct stimulation of Somatrophs thereby increasing the production and release of Growth Hormone.

DNA Testing

We at Infinite Health are a collection site for Identigene and Maxxam Analytical. They have been providing DNA parentage testing, extended family analysis, and ethnic origin assessment services since 1993. As experts in DNA parentage testing, they has expanded it's services to include applications such as siblingship, grand-parentage, cousin, Y chromosome and mtDNA analysis.

We are now offering Genomic Testing. From a simple cheek swab, Genomic Testing identifies truly individualized ways to help you maintain long-term health and well-being by looking inside your DNA. This is truly unique in that we not only identify potential health issues, but also provide pragmatic, easy-to-implement nutrition and lifestyle solutions.

Bioflex Medical Magnets 

They are clinically proven to reduce pain, increase circulation and speed healing. Amazing relief for muscu-loskeletal pain, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries and chronic pain conditions, including:


People who regularly consume Moringa have reported better health and an overall sense of well-being. Some additional benefits of the Moringa product family include joint health, heart health, sustained energy and immune health. Some benefits will be noticed over an extended period of time, and Moringa products are known to have a cumulative effect. Moringa products are not formulated to cure or treat any diseases, disease symptoms, medical conditions or ailments.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics made to fit only YOUR feet. Designed for dress shoes, pumps, running shoes, sandals, diabetic, golf, skating, children shoes and many more.

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Thermoflow Garments. Use ThermoFlow® products to reduce swelling and for fast, effective healing. Comfortable, lightweight material makes it easy to wear at work, play or when you sleep. Use ThermoFlow® to give your body more energy through increased blood flow and prevent injuries. Products are available for all parts of the body and for all ages. MY ONLINE STORE

Core Health Products

Good health is a precious gift that must be continuously protected and nourished. Unfortunately, research indicates most people are deficient in core nutrients essential for good health. The Core Health Pack conveniently supplements the vital nutrients needed to maintain optimal health in one convenient package to help you keep pace with a busy lifestyle.

First, we have Custom Modified Shoes. These shoes are made from premade components, then modified or assembled to fit your feet. This saves costs. They also contain a custom foot orthotic made from your foot impression. You can also order the foot orthotics separately, so that you may move them from shoe to shoe to support the arch, correct any foot deformities or bunions, hammer toes, plantar faciitis, or flat feet. We have shoes, lace up, slip on, pumps, sandals, running shoes, golf shoes, steel toe shoes and boots. We can build in heel lifts, accommodate heel spurs, and with some styles, insert shoe lifts for leg length discrepancies.
The Second Level is Hand Made from the sole up Custom Shoes. Thirty five steps are taken to make these shoes, and are for the most difficult of feet. These shoes can be made for deformed feet, short legs, foot drop, amputees, special shoes for special purposes and designer shoes for the perfect foot. Sandals, boots, dancing shoes, golf shoes, riding boots, historic replicas, anything you want. If you have a pair of favourite shoes or a photograph, we can duplicate them, and fit better than the originals.
Biodetoxification - Are toxins making you sick?   Optimum energy and radiant health are the products of internal cleansing. Each of us understands how important it is to be clean on the outside, but do not realize it's even more important to be clean on the inside. There is no doubt about it … we do not live in a pristine world. We live in an environment unlike any in history. In today's world of processed foods and environmental pollution, toxic substances exist almost everywhere.
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